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Helloooo Snacking Inspiration

One of the most common questions I am asked about my reusable food safe pouches (aside from washing instructions) is “what can I put in them.” I always fumble with an answer to this question, because really, the answer is anything! BUT "anything" is not specific enough. Customers are looking for ideas when they ask what kind of snacks to pack – so, my new blog, "Snacking with E&M" is here to offer you sustainable snacking inspiration!

I will share weekly recipes that are easy make and even easier to pack in your snack pouches. So, whether you're heading to work, school, or out for a fun filled day trip, you can have delicious, convenient, and eco-conscious snacks on hand.

Now, I feel like I should mention that I am far from a master in the kitchen. I often struggle to follow recipes and am always short on prep time. With and endless list of things to do, making snacks seems to slide down the priority list, but I've made a commitment to ditch packaged snacks in 2024 and the recipes I share here will help you do it, too. I will be sharing my go-to's that can be whipped up in hardly any time at all. They're simple, delicious and (usually) nutritious. While I sometimes adapt recipes to my liking, these recipes are a curated collection of my favorites.

In summary, this is what you can expect from this blog:

- Weekly recipes that are a breeze to bake
- Sustainable twists on classic favorites.
- Snack pouch friendly treats for your daily life and adventures.
- A dash of eco-friendly lifestyle inspiration.

I'm super excited to begin on this sustainable snack journey with you. Let's get baking, friends!