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Frequently Asked Questions

Pouch FAQ's

How do I care for my Pouch?

Daily Washing: Turn the bag inside out and wipe liner to remove any food debris. Hang to dry.

As needed: Washing can be on a hot or warm cycle. The use of chlorine bleach is not recommended. Hang to dry or tumble. High heat can cause the liner to soften and fuse to itself.

Your Pouches ARE washing machine safe!?

Yes! Our pouches are washing machine safe. The liner is rated for up to 300 industrial washings. Keep in mind - using less heat will extend the lifetime of your liner.

What are your pouches made out of?

100% cotton exterior. ProCare® waterproof lining interior. YKK zipper.

*ProCare® is designed to be a safe, waterproof liner different from PUL. This is not laminated cotton! It is certified free of lead, phthalates, BPA and many other harmful chemicals. It is 100% CPSIA certified, food safe, medical grade, and flammability tested. It is 100% eco-friendly and manufactured with minimum environmental impact. It is a 75% vinyl (proprietary formulation), and 25% polyester blend.

What sizes are your pouches and what do you pack in them?

We offer various sizes of pouches!

Full Sized Pouch

This is our largest and most versatile sized pouch. It is approximately 7 ¾” x 7” and fits a standard size sandwich... and anything else you could dream of! If there's extra space in the ouch it easily folds over.

Snack Sized Pouch

Our medium sized pouch, which we call "snack size" is approximately 5 ¼” x 6 ¾” and by far our best seller. It fits a standard bagel, and is great for those mid morning snacks like fruit or crackers, or cookies.

Mini Pouch 

Our mini pouch is approximately 4” x 5” and great for your little pick me up snacks like trail mix. Having mid-morning crackers? Carry your crackers in a medium size pouch, and your cheese in a mini.

Pooch Pouch

Our pooch pouch is a mini with a strap! Carry your puppers snacks on the end of your lead or hooked to your pack for quick and easy access on your walks. The pouch is approximately 4" x 5"


Our items are made in a studio with two cats and a dog. If you have allergies, please be aware that your products may have come in contact with one (or all) of these pets.